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About Us



Dal Soglio Law Group provides outstanding legal service, counsel and expertise to a wide variety of corporate and individual clients.  We pride ourselves on solving problems.  Some conflicts can be resolved only with tough and unrelenting litigation.  In other instances, disputes can be addressed through negotiation, finesse and creativity.  And in some cases, litigation can be avoided entirely through preventive measures and planning.  At Dal Soglio Law Group, we understand and appreciate these differences.  We bring the right resources to bear, address every case individually and provide excellent, cost efficient service and results.


Dal Soglio Law Group was founded by Robin Dal Soglio, an experienced employment lawyer and business litigator representing employers in all aspects of employment law and litigation.  Prior to launching Dal Soglio Law Group, Ms. Dal Soglio practiced law at top-tier international firm Latham & Watkins and as a founding partner of Dal Soglio & Martens LLP.  She is admitted to practice law in California, Oregon and Washington.


2019 Dal Soglio Law Group, a Professional Corporation

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